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Misdiagnosed Warning Signs of Brain Tumor

Senator Edward Kennedy’s brain tumor, known as glioma, is incurable. His doctors admit that at this point even surgery and follow up radiation won’t stop the spread of cancer.
Misdiagnosed Warning Signs of Brain Tumor

“I’m pretty confident they could have caught Kennedy’s cancer 5 years ago,” says Dr. Anthony Martin author of “Medical Crisis: Secrets your doctor won’t share with you.”

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Dr. Martin did not treat the senator, but believes Kennedy was experiencing warning signs for half a decade before his May 20th seizure.

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“His seizure was prompted by the size of the tumor, but before it got that large the bell would have been ringing ‘check the engine – something’s wrong!”

It takes more than 5 years for most cancers to grow to the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. By the time cancer is found by routine tests or massive symptoms (like a seizure) the patient may have missed precious time.

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“Your car has dashboard warning lights to alert you that the oil is low or you’re out of gas,” says Dr. Martin, “the body has those same warning signals. You just have to know how to read them.”

As a U.S. Senator Kennedy had access to the best healthcare and routine exams, but Dr. Martin says the doctors wouldn’t have been running the tests they should have.

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“By the time routine blood tests come back abnormal, the disease has already spread. It takes quite a long time for tests to show the body has broken down. That is a precious time for someone with a growing cancerous tumor they don’t know about.”

Dr. Martin says Kennedy would likely have been experiencing a high free radical count, fatigue, inflammation and an acidic PH level. All those things could have been ‘caught’ by a urine test, two blood tests, and a saliva test.

Most doctors know these warning signs, but few sit back to contemplate how these symptoms work together to affect your health.

what is the Brain Tumor

“More than half of people who make appointments with their doctors complain of fatigue,” says Dr. Martin, “but doctors rarely bother to ask why you’re tired or how that affects long-term health. They (doctors) wind up prescribing sleeping pills or dealing with the short-term effects of exhaustion.
They don’t stop to think that lack of energy is a big, red, flashing warning sign that something is seriously about to go wrong with the body.”

Dr. Martin suggests once you’ve got a realistic idea of where you stand you can start giving yourself the antidote. “Change your attitude, change your diet, change your exercise habits and change your supplements.”

“So much of what Americans are dying from these days is 100-percent preventable,” says Dr. Martin. He believes breast cancer and prostate cancer are among the diseases that don’t need to be fatal.

This article is brought to you by Dr. Anthony Martin.

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