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How to treat a burn from boiling water

How to treat a burn | The number of fatalities due to fire-related accidents was more than deaths from other calamities in the year 2008 and it can be greatly reduced if people learn how to treat a burn. Some simple precautionary measures are discussed in this article. Most of …

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Ease Your Skin Cancer Treatment with these Foods

When undergoing skin cancer treatment, it is important to take special care of the diet you take. However, in most cases, it becomes very difficult to focus on eating the right type of foods when undergoing cancer treatments. It becomes more difficult when you undergo radiation treatment or chemotherapy. This …

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Best Ways to Have a Clear and Radiant Skin

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” – Well, we do not need to be as narcissistic as the wicked stepmother in this famous children fairy tale but we can certainly take steps to ensure a clear, radiant skin! External and internal factors are both responsible for …

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