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Interesting Facts about Human Growth Hormones

Interesting Facts about Human Growth Hormones
Interesting Facts about Human Growth Hormones

Growth Hormone Function | The human growth hormones is a protein constituted of around 190 different amino acids. The pituitary gland, which is located in the anterior or the brain, secrets it. This secretion takes place during sleep and it is at its optimal level when the human body is at its adolescent period after which it goes on decreasing as one gets older.

The human growth hormone has a role in some of the vital functions of the human body like metabolism and growth. Hence, its availability or the lack of it has a direct bearing on the physical as well as a mental condition of the body. It promotes the growth of the bone by adding up the cartilage cells and also develops the muscle tissues. 

People with scanty or inadequate secretion may suffer improper growth or even from dwarfism. The effect is also dependent upon the age and hereditary factor of the person.

Growth Hormone Function

It is not only the inadequate secretion of growth hormone that creates a problem for the body; its excess secretion of it may also prove to be harmful. The body goes through a rapid and high growth. Although rare, this effect can be found in some children during their adolescence. 

In the case of adults, there might be the development of an innocuous tumor in the pituitary gland. There can also be an unusual growth in some body parts like the breasts.

Due to this, there should be a balance between the secretion of growth hormones in the body.

Growth Hormones and Age

The secretion of the human growth hormone wanes with advancing age. While it can be as much as 500 micrograms per day, it goes down to around 50 micrograms per day in case of an octogenarian. But many scientists also opine that the pituitary gland can be kept active even in the late age and hence the reduction the level of growth hormone can be minimized with the help of proper maintenance of the body and medication.



The Recombinant Growth Hormones

With the advancement of scientific research, it has been possible to create the recombinant growth hormone in the laboratory by matching all the 191 different types of amino acids that constitute the human growth hormones. This is being manufactured by different medical companies. 

The drugs are being used by doctors while treating children, who have retarded growth. They are also used for the treatment of other growth-related problems like the development of wrinkles, loss of muscle tissue and aging, etc. Due to the inherent desire of men and women to look younger, these drugs have become very popular. 

This can be administered into the body through injection or oral supplements. You need to have a prescription to procure them. Many herbal products are also available in the markets that claim to be human growth hormones, but using these drugs without proper medical advice is always fraught with danger.

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