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Kick These Habits That Will Make You Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat | If you find it difficult to shed those extra weights, you must surely be wondering about what habits make you fat. You know that the greasy and high-calorie meals that you savor so much are one.

How to Lose Belly Fat | If you find it difficult to shed those extra weights, you must surely be wondering about what habits make you fat. You know that the greasy and high-calorie meals that you savor so much are one.

But they are not the only culprit.

Some habits that make you fat

Foods apart, certain habits, however innocuous they may seem to be, contribute in their own ways to make you fat.

Ten things that make you fat

1.Inadequate or excess sleep

How to Lose Belly Fat | Although it may seem incredible, both sleeping for long hours as well as not getting adequate sleep can make you fat. Some studies point out that people who sleep less than five hours can get two and a half times more belly fat. The fate of people sleeping for more than eight hours is also not better as far as putting on belly fat is concerned. Sleeping for seven to eight hours a night is considered ideal.



2.Taking too much-carbonated drinks

The average consumption of soda by an American is almost a gallon per week. Studies show that there is a 33 percent increased risk of being overweight by drinking one to two sodas in a day. The artificial sweetener in the drinks increases the cravings for food and sweet drinks.

3. Not eating meals

Many people are in the habit of foregoing their meals to lose weight. Not taking your meals, in fact, can make you fat. This is especially true in the case of breakfast. The body’s metabolic process wanes when deprived of foods. This increases your hunger and prompts you to binge the next time you eat.

4. Using larger plates while eating

How to Lose Belly Fat| You can accommodate more food on a larger plate and will end up eating more. Eating from a smaller plate is one way of checking yourself from overeating. And the buffet is something you should always avoid as it would be difficult for you to check yourself from tasting all the foods.


How to Lose Belly Fat

5. Associating foods with stress

Anxiety can prompt you to overeat and make you fat. Studies point out that for such people, the risk of being overweight increases by thirteen times. So, it is better to try other ways like taking some water or going on a walk to come to terms with stress instead of trying to find succor in food. And don’t keep sweets and ice-creams in readiness to turn to them when you are in stress. If you don’t have them in close proximity, you can’t eat them.

6.Affinity for white pieces of bread

White bread is undoubtedly soft and tasty but eating it regularly can make you fat. But unfortunately, they add up to your weight as well. Go for whole grain bread instead. They have more fiber and are healthier for your body.

7. Having sumptuous combo meals

While selecting your lunch menu, don’t order different food items together. The combined meals will make you eat more. It is better to get up immediately after finishing your meal. Spending more time will make you order more foods.

8.Spending longs hours sitting in front of the television set

Sitting for long hours is one of the surest ways of putting on those excess fats. And sitting glued to your television is one way of doing it. So, just get up and go out. Indulge in some physical activities instead of watching the television on holidays. Munching away some snacks while doing it compounds the problem.

9. Going to bed late at night

During a study, which is published on Obesity, the eating and sleeping habits of fifty-two people were monitored for a week. It was found that people who took their dinner after 8 P.M. ended up taking more calories. Their BMIs were also high.
The body has to work overtime during sleep in order to digest the food instead of burning the fats. You may also suffer from acidity and heartburn which is also known as Nocturnal Acid Breakthrough if you eat late into the night.

How to Lose Belly Fat

10. Not drinking sufficient water

Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to get rid of the toxins in the body. In a dietary study conducted at the University of Utah, participants were asked to drink a couple of cups of water prior to their meals. It was found that their weight loss was 30 percent more than others. The test also revealed that drinking ice-cold water had a better effect.

A research study conducted in German pointed out that taking six cups of cold water daily increases the metabolism of the body which can burn around 50 calories in a day.
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