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Helpful Tips To Stay On Your Fitness Routine

Tips To Stay On Your Fitness Routine |The commencement of the New Year is marked by a new resolution that you would get enrolled in a gym, follow a fitness routine with renewed vigor and go all out to be in shape. Now it is almost a month since you took that vow. Are you still following it?
Tips To Stay On Your Fitness Routine The commencement of the New Year is marked by a new resolution that you would get enrolled in a gym, follow a fitness routine with renewed vigor and go all out to be in shape. Now it is almost a month since you took that vow. Are you still following it?

You are up to your neck with the children homework, pressure of work at the office; with no time to exercise. As expected, for Mike Littrel, president, and CEO of X3 Sports gyms in Atlanta, the workload is at its maximum in the first month of every New Year.

The month of January is a time when people start things afresh. After the end of the holidays, they plan and reset their affairs he said. And for many people, joining a gym is part of their new goal.

How To Stay Fit

“But their enthusiasm tapers off in between twenty-one days,” Littrel revealed. “It normally takes four weeks to make it a way of life. But people’s motivation wanes before that.”

So, why is that people are unable to sustain their fitness routine? “Can’t see any appreciable result, – is the common explanation.

We inquired fitness experts about the possible causes behind this and the ways to make fitness routine sustainable.

You follow the fitness routine but don’t change your dietary regimen

“Although many people join the gym, they do not change their diet,” said Jordan Yuan, trainer of ‘Twilight’ actor Taylor Lautner. When they do not see any appreciable result in twenty days, their enthusiasm drops. “Diet plays an important role in any exercise regimen,” Yuan said.

So, take only low-calorie, nutritious diets like cottage cheese or apple. The market is flooded with junk food, advertised to be health foods. Yuan also advises keeping away from processed foods.

Eat moderately

Eating fads are of no help. More so, when they totally exclude particular food groups like fat or carbs. The diet should be such that it can be adopted regularly. You don’t have to shun foods of your choice altogether and can enjoy your favorite pizza or the tasty food from a Chinese restaurant sometimes. You have to enjoy fitness routine and don’t confine yourself to aerobics only.

Enjoy your fitness routine

You have to enjoy your workouts, said Tracie Rogers, a spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise. “If you find it boring, insipid or even scaring, then you should try different types of workouts and settle for the one that you enjoy most.” A lot of workout options are available at gyms. You may inquire friends or try different options like spin, kickboxing, sports league, and Zumba.

“You need not join a big gym. Many people believe it is not their cup of tea and is scared of joining. Boutique and small joints can also do your job,” Rogers advised.

How to stay fit and Healthy?

Don’t be conscious of the time you are spending in the gym. If you are, then it seems you are not motivated enough. “The one hour you spend in the gym should be viewed as something that is exclusively meant for you. The rest of your time in the day is for other commitments.

The place of your workouts can also be an occasion of social gathering, where you interact with your friends. So, try to be in a group of friends who have the same goal. Their support and guidance often is the key to success.

According to Yuan, a fitness trainer, who owns Jordan’s Virtual Fit Club in Valencia, California people often report that all their workouts on the treadmill or elliptical machines are of no use. People just go through the motion while doing their workouts in an exercise machine. It doesn’t produce any discernible result and no wonder they discontinue it, he said.

How to Stay Physically Fit

“People, especially women concentrate too much on cardio and do not give importance to building up the muscle strength,” he further elaborated. He advises his client to undergo resistance pieces of training thrice in a week.

In fact, the 2008 Activity Guidelines for Americans published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children should do exercises to strengthen their muscles thrice in a week while grown-up people can do it at least twice in a week. Strength training promotes the building up of muscle mass while burning up the calories and decreases fat.

You aim to achieve too much from your fitness routine

A change in the fitness routine doesn’t mean exercising every day. “You need not have to overwhelm yourself with too stiff a goal.” Following a rigorous exercise routine, along with a disciplined diet is simply not possible for everybody. Before long, the pressure of work and other affairs take hold you and you are back to your old ways.

Try to exercise in moderate doses – may be a couple of days in a week, instead of being a couch potato, Littrel said. You should aim for what you are capable. Monitoring your progress is very important. So, take your pictures at periodic intervals to assess your progress.

Don’t treat your fitness routine like chores, you have to enjoy it to stay on it so you can see the results.

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